Big Sean

Big Sean

By Rob

August 14, 2013

kevin hart moetBig Sean hosted a star riveted event at the London hotel to celebrate his new album. I think it is called Hall Of Fame, or maybe he was inducted into the Hall of Fame… or maybe he just really likes hats? I didn’t get any pics of Big Sean but look – all my other friends were there too!

rob heppler no photos please ibn jasperIBN

party people moet moet party west hollywood coltrane curtis moetColtrane Curtis

tylynn nguyenTyLynn and friends

who wore it betterWho wore it better?

bee nguyen grillRich Life new grill

ssur supreme“Ay yo your photography skills are wharves.” –Javier Nunez 2013

moet rose lounge cortez bryantCortez Bryant YMCMB

gold bloodedjoy claire moetJoy Claire


christian kneedlerThen finish the night out with Dan Tana’s