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Chef Michael Voltaggio of ink. Interview & Exclusive Recipe Demonstration

Chef Michael Voltaggio of ink. Interview & Exclusive Recipe Demonstration

For Michael Voltaggio, chef and owner of LA’s lauded restaurant ink., the power of food lies in its ability to move people. “Food is really powerful – there’s a way to bring people together with food, but there’s also a way to connect to other things in your life or in your memories just by eating something,” he explains, describing his reimagined peanut butter and jelly dessert, the rudimentary food of American childhood.

Comprised of a liquid nitrogen flash-frozen peanut butter coconut milk bowl, coconut sorbet, strawberry semifreddo, Thai basil, microwave baked cake – to emulate the sponginess of the bread component of PB&J – and more, Voltaggio shows that the imaginative fare at his restaurant ink. is not only thoughtful and carefully constructed, but cutting edge.

When a meal is used to tell a story or evoke an emotion or a memory, it becomes more than just physical nourishment. It becomes sustenance for the mind and soul. And with a philosophy of “under-promise and over-deliver,” ink. has proven their cuisine goes above and beyond the hype. Watch Michael prepare his take on peanut butter & jelly below in our interview and exclusive recipe video feature:

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