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Miami Times :: Part 3

Miami Times :: Part 3

The new day started for me out in Miami. I set up a shoot with a Suicide Girl who goes by the name Kush, for obvious reasons. We scheduled a time for her to come over to my hotel room for a fun photo shoot. She was a lot shorter then I expected, but that added to her cuteness. I was really liking her hair color, though. It was definitely different and fun. We shot a few sets, and then I linked up with 13th and his sister Tabitha and cruised out to Wynwood to meet up with some friends before heading back to the hotel to get ready the opening of Tim’s show. I mean, it wouldn’t be a trip to Art Basel without seeing some art, right? Afterwards, I found myself wandering around Collins doing some more street shooting before calling it a night. Check below for the recap and stay tuned for more!

This photo I shot of Kush smoking with the Sony A7R made me a believer in that camera.

I was feeling her sweater.

Rolling out to Wynwood.

Clearly Tim and Tab are related.

Hood ornaments.

What up Mr. Stash.

Back to the beach.

Arrived to a full house for 13th’s x Santlov show.

Buscemi was out there.

              People breaking necks to check out the photos.

Got my Collins portrait of SDJ

Enter the dragon.

Working girls.

“Need a ride?” And that was my cue to call it a night.

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