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Back to the Beach :: Miami, Florida :: Pt. 2

Back to the Beach :: Miami, Florida :: Pt. 2

To wrap up my trip to one of my most favorite cities, here’s a collection of images. Rather than keep myself confined to my hotel room, I opted to get out and about to try and get some different shots of the MIA. Between getting some good vantage points for long exposures and cruising a different part of the beach than I am used to, I would say overall it was a fun and a successful visit. I mean, if you have seen that rain shoot I did with Nicole Mejia as well as having the opportunity to test shoot Bianca, I would have called it a good trip after those encounters. But I like to take time to try to soak in where I am at. If there is one thing I have taken from photography and the ability to travel is capture where you are at, because you never know if it will be there in the future.

Capturing sunsets with Brian.

Later Miami. Till next time.

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