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M.I.Aye :: Part 3 :: Miami in Black & White

M.I.Aye :: Part 3 :: Miami in Black & White

It is always a great feeling to wake up in a city you are visiting with a open agenda. I often find myself in these cool locations but am bound a shoot schedule of some sort. Not this day. I realized my day was cleared so I headed to the downtown Miami area to do a little bit of street shooting. Just as I was getting into a groove, I remembered Shane telling me about a photo walk he and Jenny were working on in conjunction with Polaroid Fotobar. I thought that would be a fun thing to check out being that it would be just hanging with friends,walking around shooting some pictures, and just simply having fun. So I made the drive from downtown over to Wynwood to meet up with everyone. And I must say it really was fun just walking around with some good people shooting just for the love. I brought out my Leica Monochrom since I was anticipating some street shooting and felt a black and white look would serve well for these pics. Scroll below to check end results out.

Downtown Miami.

Driving through Overtown.

What up Shane.

Jenny looking festive with her outfit and some balloons.

We walked over to the RC Cola factory for some shooting.

Got to finally link up with Miami’s own Brian Ladder.

In these streets shooting.

Flower Power.

Brian snapping some bark.

Playing with some props that we came across along the way.

Pop Wheelies.

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