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Leica Craft x The Seventh Letter

Leica Craft x The Seventh Letter

Last friday was a fun night. Aside from being the end of another work week the good people at The Seventh Letter got together with Leica Craft to have a fun time featuring cameras, art, and good people. With the launch of the the Leica T system on Thursday, the movement was kept in motion with a show featuring some cool hand drawn pieces by Morgan Winter along with photos from Stash and Dennis Morris’s previous photo exhibits. On hand was some nice people from the Leica store in Los Angeles who brought along a couple of cameras for people to try out and experience during the event.

Morgan’s interpretations of the Leica logo was definitely detailed.

Pretty cool to see these hand drawn versions of the M system.

Leica C and T were on hand for all to experience.

Kill Spencer was there as well to preview some cool accessories he designed exclusively for Leica.

The man and woman of the hour. Dr. Kaufman and Morgan Winter.


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