By akam1k3

February 28, 2014

I’ve never really been a fan of hard rock, or rock in general. But I became a believer Saturday night.

I was in Lillehammer, a town two hours-ish outside of Oslo (known for hosting the Winter Olympics in 1994), for a concert with the homies of B.A.W.S. More on that later, though.

After our concert it was time for Kvelertak to enter the stage. The six-piece is the biggest metal band in Norway these days. Winning prices everywhere, selling out shows everywhere, basically just winning. They even do it big internationally, with sold out shows in several countries. Even Metallica gives them the thumbs up, and it looks like some of them (James Hetfield) attend their shows frequently. Pretty awesome to get blessings from the legends. Anywho… Enough info. They’re kicking off their North American tour starting today, so catch them if you can.

The concert was crazy. It was their 30th concert in 30 days, but they didn’t look tired at all. They went in hard, and the crowd felt it too. I’ve never been to a concert with that much energy. I dared to take pictures, and I swear I hadn’t been more scared at a concert until that night. The mosh pit went all out, bodies were flying everywhere – I even got kicked in the head by a crowdsurfer. But it was all good. The adrenaline kept me going. It was awesome. Thanks Kvelertak for making me a believer. We will meet again!

Rock on, and check out my pictures and their most recent video below: