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Jim Darling :: Above All Else

Jim Darling :: Above All Else

Jim Darling is the most accomplished artist you never heard of. He has painted with Revok. He has done massive murals and innovated street art. Besides that, he has been my friend since I moved to L.A., shut up I know you don’t care, I’m just trying to make my writing look longer.

When Jim does a show he never likes to repeat works he created in the past. He did these airplane windows about 4 or 5 years ago and they all sold out instantly. Since then he’s consistently received emails from people hoping he would make them again. So he did, and here they are.

He routers out several layers of wood just to make the frame. Then he paints a scene of what you would expect to see out an airplane window... in his own style.

These two pairings are massive. Head to Cave Gallery on Abbott Kinney and see for yourself.

You can see the wing in that one... I’ve never seen a wing before... cause I’ve never sat in coach.

These kids were definitely there for the free beer.

Yup, free beer enthusiast written all over him.

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