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By Kazie Holiday

For this week’s “IN THE BAG,” we get deep with the man of the hour, DJ Spider. The turntablist and producer juggles multiple residencies across North America at all times, showing his real talent for sculpting the mood of the room like a master of his craft. When we asked him what he was up to this week, he said he’d be at the Harlot in San Fran “this Friday,” Vegas “this weekend,” at 1-OAK “Saturday,” and SXSW “this Sunday” for Sapient Nitro. How does he do it? Take a look in his backpack.

He’s touring non-stop for the rest of this month from LA to Chicago, and nearly all the in-betweens. You can keep up with where he’s playing next on and hear his latest work on the Soundcloud. Spider also updates a playlist on Spotify weekly that you can subscribe to called #SPDRMIX.


1. Pad 3 Retina 64b

2. iPhone 4 & Mophie case

3. Yeti Doll

4. Canon S120 digital camera

5. Apple Macbook Pro 15″

6. 1/8″ to 1/4″ headphone adaptor

7. Rocky Mountain green tea lip balm 30spf

8. Olloclip 3in1 iPhone lens

9. E-MU Systems SP-1200 Replica USB drive 4gb

10. Serato Control vinyl

11. Novation dicers

12. DJ Spider stickers

13. GoPro Hero 3

14. The Hundreds “Jon” backpack

15. Shure Audiophile needle case

16. Kork Monotron delay

17. AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones