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I was Dammed

I was Dammed

I recently was getting some cabin fever while working on a video project. Being stuck in my place staring at a screen for 8 plus hours a day was getting to me so I decided I needed to go outside and get some fresh air before I went crazy. I figured I was going to revisit the Sepulveda dam/wildlife reserve area located at the 101 and 405 intersection in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. I had only been there a couple of times as a teenager to go skating and figured going back now with a different out look toward this environment could prove to be interesting. So as always I brought my camera along to document this time out doors and had a lot of fun doing so. I definitely think a practice that helps one grow as a photographer is shooting subject matter outside your comfort zone. People off the bat will associate me with shooting portraits (beautiful girls namely) but truth be told landscape is really fun and interesting to me (aside from skateboarding). The idea of capturing the mood of a entire setting in one frame for people to get or relate to is a real challenge at times and pushes the creative process of your mind. So enjoy these photos from my visit maybe next time I will bring a pretty girl with me and mix the two.

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