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I-D Interviews James Jebbia on Supreme's Image and Legacy

I-D Interviews James Jebbia on Supreme's Image and Legacy

Vice’s recent acquisition, i-D, has been shaping culture for the last 35 years, playing a role in spotlighting some of the most brilliant creatives in the last generation. As it prepares for the anniversary of its first issue, i-D sat down with James Jebbia, the legendary founder of streetwear brand Supreme and a longtime fan of the publication, to talk about their impact on him as a young skater in London, as well as the future of Supreme. As he told i-D,”We’re not thinking about image and legacy, we just want to make great stuff, season in, season out, no more, no less. New York is a great place and I’m lucky to have worked with a lot of the same people for a long time, and we’re just all on the same page. We’re not trying to be everything for everybody. We’re not trying to please the masses. We just want to grow at a reasonable pace. Supreme hasn’t changed for 20 years, and that feels very simple to me.” For the full interview read the rest here.


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