By Vito

March 29, 2014

When there are so many car companies out there, it’s pretty difficult for a company to stand out from the rest. Nowadays you can’t just slap on some wheels, exhaust, lower it, and call it a day. In order for one to separate themselves from the competition, one has to create something fully custom and make it look good at the same time.  One of the companies that is doing this right is Hamann Motorsport. I first caught wind of Hamann Motorsport during this past SEMA when I saw their Range Rover “Mystère”. Looking at this car is like looking at a car from the future or something from the movies. The aggressive body lines scream for attention, but the matte grey paint (yes, paint!) keep this Range Rover stealth on the streets. Sporting a fully custom wide-body kit, this is definitely one of the cleanest Range Rovers I’ve come across. So needless to say, I reached out to their US headquarters to see if I could set up a shoot, and the rest is history. Shoots like this are what keep me pushing forward, and it humbles me when I meet the people behind the cars. I really can’t express enough that it’s my favorite part about automotive photography. Because much like The Hundreds, it’s not the product that make the brand awesome, it’s the people behind them. Many thanks go out to Gina over at Hamann Motorsport for taking the time out to make this shoot possible.