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Free Range LA

Free Range LA

Every Sunday from 10-2 there is a farmers market on Melrose Place. Right by the Marc Jacobs bookstore and fancy shops with ivy covered gates and plants where the sign should be. At every Melrose Place Farmers Market there is a tent called Free Range LA. Free Range specializes in high end street dining. Delicious comfort foods. Some how Gourmet owner Jon Buscemi is involved and when he raises the flag his army comes out to support.

The fresh made biscuit with honey butter is stabtacular. The Southern Scramble sold out first. Gotta get out of bed before 1pm for that one.

I think Buscemi is the MC of the kitchen.

Jessy is the owner and too busy even for a photo.

Chicken sandwich for breakfast? I’ve done worse things to my body.

All your friends are here. Look it’s Neran Dhas.

Kevin Delaney with Matt George. I mean Matt George’s new project Waiola coconut water.

Will Eddins and Daouda Leonard know an on-site activation when they see one.

Sneaker Steve Patino and the same guy from the above photo just 3 pounds heavier.

Josh Bruner came all the way from TRUE in SF just to see this chicken shack before he moved to Vietnam.

Buscemi brings worlds and stomachs together.

The franchise is the naughtiest boy of the current generation.

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