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Frank's Chop Shop :: A Street Smart Barbershop for the Modern Gentleman

Frank's Chop Shop :: A Street Smart Barbershop for the Modern Gentleman

With an original location in New York City that’s since become a premiere barbershop destination, Frank’s Chop Shop is now LA’s latest go-to spot to get a cut, a shave, and some good conversation, thanks in part to the owner, Mike Malbon, and the culture he’s built. From hip-hop to art and design, Mike’s work has touched every facet of street culture, creating a tight-knit family with those also entrenched in the lifestyle (just take a look at the @frankschopshop IG). Now, with a successful Los Angeles location open on Melrose Avenue, Frank’s Chop Shop has expanded its family. “It doesn’t feel like a job,” says barber Brian, “I know [the customers] on a personal level. It’s like coming in and just working with a bunch of friends.”

Mike runs a business model that transcends your typical employee-customer relationship. “The last thing you want to do is go to a place where they’re more worried about getting people in and getting people out... it’s about doing things right,” explains Chris, a barber at Frank’s on Melrose. And although cutting hair might seem to be the core of his business, his services expand beyond getting a fresh look. The shop carries a solid selection of apparel and caps, and doubles as an art gallery that showcases photography taken at barbershops all over the nation from the likes of Ricky Powell to Estevan Oriol.  “I don’t want to miss nothin’ and I’m here everyday. That’s [a] cool thing to say about owning your own business.”

Along with NYC and LA, Frank’s Chop Shop also has a location in Cleveland and an exciting brand new shop in Japan.

Watch our video below to get an insight into what Frank’s Chop Shop is all about and mention The Hundreds at your next appointment for 50% off through March 15, 2016.


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