By Rob

August 26, 2012

First you write the creative. Then you do a read through. Even in the read through they want you to do it in the voice of your character. Except when I read for handicap gay kleptomaniac they tell me to do it in my real voice…

Then you bring your creative to a place like FOX studios to see it brought to life. Or have it taken from you and edited and changed until its an unrecognizable symbol of humiliation with your name written on it.

Palm trees are not native to this region, but need barely anything to survive. Like that kid Carlos that works at Hall of Fame.

See Bobby Hundreds? I told you Christina works with me now! 

Professional photo bomber and actor, this guy, helped ruin the next few photos.

It’s like you’re in New York, but you are in Century City… crazy. On ROB: The Hundreds Public Label K9 SS Henley.

Permanent memorials to the people that pay the bills around here. There is also a bronze pink doughnut.

An original Matt Groening in Al Hirschfeld style.

Then you perform what you created.

Then you win an award.