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Photo Set :: Flying High :: S.F.

Photo Set :: Flying High :: S.F.

I think it is time I admit I have a problem. I realized I have an addiction for flying over cities in helicopters taking photos. Having done L.A. and Miami a couple of times, I am looking for new views. So when my buddy Copter Pilot connected me with the good people over at Golden Gate Helicopters for a opportunity to fly over S.F., I had to do it. Although I have not spent enough time in the Bay as I would like to, I grow to love it more and more with every visit. Now the city was nowhere near as massive as L.A., but it had a different feel to it. The rolling hills and structures are beautiful to see from high up. So during my midday shoot, I decided it would be interesting to shoot with my Monochrom camera for bit more of a timeless feel. With the shadows falling in between the streets and buildings, it made for a great contrast. I hope you guys enjoy the flicks, and I must say if you ever have a chance, do yourself a favor and take a helicopter ride over your city. Everyone should do it at least once.

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