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Through My Lens :: Excelsior, One of the Last True Neighborhoods of SF

Through My Lens :: Excelsior, One of the Last True Neighborhoods of SF

San Francisco has been a city I have had the pleasure of seeing more and more over the past year or so. Thanks to my good friend Travis Jensen, I have had one of its best street photographers showing me around. Not just simply putting me on to great photographic spots, but also schooling me on the history of the city. From his personal experiences to what he has learned himself; from the people who occupy the area to their neighborhoods. While on a recent trip up north, he offered to take me out to the Excelsior District. Now if you are familiar with Travis’ work, then you will definitely recognize some of the people from this post as well as the setting. He explained that this is one of the last true S.F. neighborhoods left. Not hard hit by the gentrification that has plagued a majority of the city, I was excited and honored to have an open invite to not only see this neighborhood but to have the permission to capture it with my lens.

What I found was an old school neighborhood vibe. The older cats keeping an eye out on the youth while trying to guide them in a more positive direction than the one they might have went down. A tight knit community who looks out for their own, which is something a lot of places are missing these days. It was refreshing to see the support they show each other. Along with a vast array of talents coming out of there, whether it be photography, sports, painting, or simply good old fashioned hustling in today’s world. Everyone pushing each other to do good and to better themselves. So thank you, Travis, for the invite to this special neighborhood. Far off the beat from the typical sites of S.F., this was refreshing to see. Not just from a photographic angle, but also from a human point of view.

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