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EAT WITH ME :: My 5 Favorite Restaurants at The Farmer's Market

EAT WITH ME :: My 5 Favorite Restaurants at The Farmer's Market

In this feature from The Hundreds’ Winter 2014 magazine, The Hundreds’ own emperor/H.P.I.C discusses his favorite restaurants in the iconic Farmer’s Market on 3rd and Fairfax. For more fun tales, cop the mag here.


Pampa’s Grill
If you’re in LA and you’re craving some solid Brazilian, then get yourself here quick. They graciously serve everything buffet-style, so of course I load up my plate with tons of sirloin cap and garlic beef, with sides of Caesar salad, potato salad, plantains, and rice & beans. I always order a can of thirst-quenching Guarana just to be sure I can avoid a dangerous clogging situation.

Fritzi Dog
Confession: if there’s a hot dog place, then I’m inhaling their menu. It’s only a plus when they’re actually as great as this spot. I always get the Deli Dog on a pretzel bun. The tots with chili cheese are to die for! If I’m really hungry (which... come on) I’ll order a corn dog to top it all off.

Bennett’s Ice Cream
Ice cream shops have an unfair advantage because they already serve delight in a cone, but Bennett’s is something else. I usually go for their Frozen Banana or Drum Stick, but if you’re hankering for a scoop then do yourself a favor and order a Fancy Nancy: coffee ice cream with bananas and caramel (!!!!!!). Make this your last stop – I mean, only if you want the perfect ending to a meal at The Farmer’s Market.

Gumbo Pot
There’s Po’ Boys… then there’s Gumbo Pot’s Po’ Boy – my favorite in the city. Can’t decide between the shrimp, fried catfish, or soft shell crab? There’s
absolutely no wrong answer. The jambalaya is so delicious it could become a problem, but be warned... it’s spicy.

I’ve been eating dinner here almost as long as I’ve been eating dinner... almost. It’s the Beef Shawerma plate that made me a believer. You can’t go wrong with their sides, but I usually go for the Babaganoush, Spicy Hummus, and Fatoush salad. All combined, you get a near religious experience.

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