E.R. in N.Y.C.

E.R. in N.Y.C.


July 03, 2013

While out in N.Y. I had a lot of fun adventures. One of my favorites while probably the most simple in the eyes of some people was simply cruising around with my buddy Eli Reed shooting some flicks of him skating. And not in the sense of he has this spot with this specific trick that he thinks would make for a great ad or anything like that. No it was more along the lines of him doing what he loves and me doing what I love. So we hit a few spots and I captured what I saw. It was really fun to shooting something that I have always loved like skateboarding in such a raw and simple form with someone who not only is talented at it but shares that same the outlook for it. So with that thanks Eli for letting snap some flicks that day it was fun.



ER-2 ER-4

Eli skitchin’ courtesy of 13th Witness



Eli with the switch ollie from flat while Timmy gets the iphone capture

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