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Weaving my days and nights between epic Disneyland visits, holiday parties and video shoots has me rounding off the year’s end with hopes of having a head start on a flourishing 2014. It’s easy to get distracted by what the city has to offer, especially when the money you make is dead center in the middle of it all.

Free giveaways at this event. So and so performing at that event. This tweet happened. That artist stopped eating this species. This song is good until that song makes me forget it.

All of it is hella distracting. To those with the tunnel vision to move forward ducking all the fuck shit, I commend and ultimately respect you wholeheartedly.

2013 was a year filled with creativity and poise in every industry, but was experienced with our fingers on the fast forward button. We’re at point where we fiend for the next best thing, and when we know what it is we NEED everyone to know that we know.

This past year I’ve seen peers around me striving to define themselves through the latest trends in Internet slang, words on black beanies and uneducated music reviews on work released mere hours ago. It’s like a whole new generation built off of lackluster opinions and inexperience. Now and then I’ll catch myself ranting to my circle about what so and so was meaning to do with this move and what he or she meant to do when they did this blah blah blah....

That shit really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Opinions are amazing. Shit, my entire blog is an opinion and perspective on the little world around me. But, I feel that in 2014, it’s the duty of those pushing envelopes to let that opinion shine through their work, craft and being. There is hope on the horizon but only when you look towards it.

And if you look just beyond all the pretty bright lights and rich white girls bumping Chief Keef; you can see tomorrow’s headline telling us that we’ve gone numb.

*insert opinion here*

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