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Drunken Stepfather

Drunken Stepfather

drunk stepfather 2013
In 2004 the internet was the wild west. Websites about nothing seemed to pop up every day and it wasn’t called “social media”. Some people just drew dicks on celebrities faces and turned it into a multimillion dollar juggernaught. Other people like my friend Drunk Stepfather made a site that was too offensive and too inappropriate to ever monetize from. He doesn’t do it for money, like the chive or the dirty, or the entire bang bus operation. He does it to keep people honest. If are caught with your pants down, he will post it. In his almost 14 years of being a reliable source of material congress men retire over, it seems that Drunk Stepfather is just getting started.

drunk stepfatherWho had the Teen Mom squirt video? He did. Who made the twerking surfer a viral and psychical sensation? Yup, him.

drunken stepfatherHe likes to keep himself anonymous because lot’s of people want to kill him and even more want to sleep with him. All I can tell you is; he is from Montreal, and doesn’t drink. Drunk Stepfather has been sober for a few years now. Oh, and he isn’t married.


the standard thermostatDrunk Stepfather is in L.A. for an undisclosed amount of time meeting TV producers and potential Step Girls.

drunk stepfather LAIf you need a new source of online entertainment, and feel you have seen EVERYTHING on the net… spend a few minutes on Drunken Stepfather.

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