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Church Boutique Artist Extravaganza

Church Boutique Artist Extravaganza

West Hollywood-fashion-museum-slash-boutique, Church, held a launch event to showcase all its new artists. If you’ve never been to this warehouse of one-off creations, I recommend you adjust your seating arrangement in life. One visit to Church Boutique could result in a rapid upgrade.

My brilliant best friend Jim Darling doesn’t burn bridges, he builds them. You need to see this sculpture in person. There are more details overlooked than the members of Casey Anthony’s jury!

The grass isn’t always greener… sometimes it’s just an overly friendly drunk Texan.

You will have to ask store owner Rodney Burns the name of this artist. For now I’ll just call him or her the best new artist of 2013.

It may look like a photo, but these eyes are painted. The humans are just there to show scale.

Mr. Fairweather painted the eyes.  His son, Seth Fairweather, is also an incredible artist with work on display at Church.

Extra credit Andy Warhol portraits.


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