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Catalina Wine Mixer

Catalina Wine Mixer

los angelesEvery cool guy restaurant and hobby winery got together for a tasting festival in Malibu. For the type of person that wakes up before noon and drinks wine for the taste, not the after effects, this was like the Super Bowl. For me it was another reason to be drunk while the sun was still shining.

sandwich lobster bisque pool trash

This is an installation of each festivalgoer’s stomach after about an hour. It’s a full trash can if you are photoblind.

shock top

bacon bacon

The bro of Malibu award goes to the guy that ordered an entire plate of bacon. Epic Meal Time would be proud.

mexican british

In a style she calls Mexican/British, the only person that cared how they looked was this girl. The “knee high Nike socks with cowboy boots” girl.

ice thing shrimp zebra

Aw hell no, dees muthafuckas gots Zebras and shit?

electric cadillac

The all electric Cadillac was there judging you.

eveleigh goldies

The stars from Eveleigh and Goldie’s stole the shoe with uni ice cream.

alex hay

ice cream maker

Ice cream maker.

black stallion

This horse found none of my jokes funny.



Whatever you choose to do with your miserable life, do it with bacon.

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