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Capri has been a resort since ancient time. Roman emperors built extravagant villas thousands of years ago so jaded fucks like me could enjoy it. Off the coast of Naples Italy, constructed on limestone that seems to exists as sheer faced towers, everyone here is named Sarah, because all I hear anyone say is, “buonasera!”.
capri walkways
Elaborate pathways and hidden walkways snake through ancient rustic properties. It gives the impression that everything is a secret, or maybe I just don’t speak Italian.

capri flowers capri paths ways capri passageways capri rocks
The Faraglioni or sea stacks are massive limestone crags. I overheard they don’t exist anywhere in the world, but who could ever know for sure.

Paulo took us around on his boat (cool running), named after a Disney movie about pot smoking athletes.

look up
Looking up as we go thru the Faraglioni.ted kennedy
It doesn’t say NOT to do it.

staglagtite mary
In this grotto is a stalactite that looks like the Virgin Mary holding a baby.

capri sights enigma yacht
Thats just the world’ largest privately owned super yacht. How do I know? Because I took a picture of the back which has the name Enigma, then I google it so I can write an obscure fact, like some young kid thats dad owns the Observer, bought it off Larry Ellison.

white grotto capri natural arch
The is the only natural arch that exists on the island.

green grotto
This is called the green grotto. Not as big as the other grottos but equally as delicious.

sea bass in salt
Under all that salt is a sea bass.

capri taxi
There are no traffic laws on Capri. No lights. No stop signs. Every cab ride feels like when I have to go south of Pico… scary as fuck.

the sea
The Tyrrhenian Sea. I’m in it.

ristorante da paolino
In 48 hours we ate here twice. I think the Villa we are staying in has ghosts, but they are Italian ghosts so I have no idea what they are saying.

gnocci at the lemon treesEating pasta in Italy. Must be like when Ben Hundreds ate a camel in Persia, getting back to my roots.

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