Brooklyn Dom Let Us Look in His Phone and it's a Crazy Place

Brooklyn Dom Let Us Look in His Phone and it's a Crazy Place

By The Hundreds Staff

February 06, 2020

Dom DeLuca’s Brooklyn Projects is turning 25. Holy shit. You don’t need me to tell you how old that is in streetwear years. It’s ancient. But Brooklyn Dom has remained relevant all these years by sticking to his guns, going with his gut, and being unapologetically Dom. He’s burned a few (read: a bunch) of bridges over the years but the list of people he’s helped and befriended along the way is infinitely longer.

You’ll find out all about Dom and his story in the extended interview we’re dropping alongside The Hundreds X Brooklyn Projects 25th Anniversary Collection. During said interview, we sat with him for hours listening to every story he had on rock and roll, skateboarding, streetwear, porn, and beyond. It was fascinating.

But one of the best parts of our time with Dom was toward the end of the interview, when he was showing us all the evidence. He has closets full of Polaroids featuring your mom’s favorite rockstars doing every single thing you think they do on tour. Boxes full of old Handycam footage that would surely get people cancelled today. Even his phone is jammed full of artifacts of Dom’s life in the limelight.

To give you a taste of what we saw, we asked Dom to blow up our phone with all kinds of photos, videos, links, his favorite songs, and anything else he loves. We promised to post everything we were legally allowed to without getting banned from the internet. Here’s what Dom sent us:





The Hundreds Staff