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Bringing '88 back in Oslo:: DJ Jazzy Jeff & DMX

Bringing '88 back in Oslo:: DJ Jazzy Jeff & DMX

This week has been mad hectic. Actually ever since I came home from the States it’s been way too much on my plate. However, I’m managing and I’m slowly getting back into the routines. Other than shooting at the office, I’ve been to a couple of legendary hip hop events.

I actually got to shoot the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and DMX. It was surreal to see them do their thing. When Jazzy Jeff dropped the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song in the club, I went crazy… haha! S/O to Patski Love of Club Juicy for hooking up the meeting. The following night I shot DMX’s first ever concert in Norway. X is older, but he can still do his thing. To hear his voice live, and it being just like on tracks was just crazy. He just rammed through all his hits, and the people in the crowd loved it, even though they had to wait for a while. Pretty dope to see how young the crowd was. For me, it was really cool because both of them have been personalities that have introduced me and a lot of the hip hop heads in Norway to hip hop. Especially DMX. Ever since I was a kid, all my friends getting into hip hop would always love DMX and his songs. Along with 2Pac and Biggie, DMX would be one of the first rappers they’d usually find out about. And Jazzy Jeff became a ticket to hip hop with his role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which was aired in Norway too! Probably my favorite show of all time! Check out the pictures I took:

DJ Jazzy Jeff & MC Skillz:


– akam1k3

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