By Kazie Holiday

September 25, 2013

The Hundreds is pleased to announce the release of the limited edition The Hundreds X Bromance “BMC USA Tee,” available tomorrow exclusively through The Hundreds’ Online Shop.

Bromance Records is the brainchild of acclaimed electro DJ and France native, Louis Brodinski. Beginning in Paris, France, the collective has since expanded bi-continentally to include a faction in Los Angeles.

“I’ve always loved collaborating with other people, ‘cause I get bored too easily. When working together, my head gets fed all the time, new ideas come flying from all directions. The more projects I’m involved in, the better. With Bromance I’m taking that feeling to the next level.”

-Louis Brodinski

Bromance is unleashing its sound on Los Angeles tomorrow night. You can snag your tickets  here.

BMC Tee Blog Teaser

Kazie Holiday