By Mike Blabac

March 04, 2014

I first went to China to photograph skateboarding in 2005 when Danny Way jumped the Great Wall of China in Beijing. For the most part, the people of China had no idea what a skateboard was. I remember random people, young and old, coming up to me just to spin the wheels of my skateboard because they had never seen anything like it before.

Fast forward nine years later and there is a thriving culture surrounding this thing called skateboarding. It’s incredible to see people so fascinated with the act of riding a skateboard. It’s exactly the way it should be – human beings just having hella fun. That’s what it’s all about. No liability laws or rules… These photographs are from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou China over the past few months.

1. A girl in Shenzhen helps her little brother realize the joy of standing up on a skateboard.

2. He was mesmerized when he first saw Chris Ray’s skateboard.

3. “The Skateboarders’ Morning Menu” at Cafe Experience in Guangzhou featuring breakfast specials from pro skaters Justin Eldridge, Brandon Biebel, Jeron Wilson, and filmer Erik Bragg.

4. Shenzhen girl who had a solid kickflip.

5. Danny, a filmer in Shenzhen.

6. Skateboard Girl at a plaza in Shenzhen.

7. Pushing across the plaza at sunset.

8. Some locals in Shenzhen.

9. A Guangzhou couple who skated together.

10. Danny Way with some of the workers who built the ramp he skated to jump the Great Wall of China in 2005.

11. A turtle admiring a skateboard in Beijing.

12. A little girl cheering at a backside flip in the foreground in Shanghai.

13. This old lady stared at this board for a few minutes before gaining the courage to step on it in Shenzhen.

14. A group of onlookers at a bus stop film a session with their phones in Beijing.

15. The cop didn’t have the best style, but at least he tried as a security guard looked on in Guangzhou.

Mike Blabac