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BEST RELEASES OF THE WEEK :: 5.31.15 To 6.6.15

BEST RELEASES OF THE WEEK :: 5.31.15 To 6.6.15

Saint Laurent SL/30 – I pretty much hate all forms of overpriced shit, and at the top of the pyramid are trainers made by luxury brands. But, the SL/30 is awesome. Saint Laurent kicked ass with this recent release and manages to give the tennis sneaker a sense of style and refinement. Using uppers made from breathable mesh and premium leather the SL/30 also come with a beautiful gum outsole. Everything comes together perfectly, and that $600 almost becomes justifiable.

I know these are a dead giveaway on some adidas Rod Lavers or Stan Smiths, but Saint Laurent still slayed it with the SL/30. Combining two classic tennis silhouettes and adding premium materials was a damn good call. The SL/30′s use of mesh and nubuck is a throwback combination that every sneaker lover can appreciate. What seals the deal is the hint of color on the heel, and the gorgeous gum outsole. If you got $600 to spare, they SL/30 is currently available online.

Source: Saint Laurent

StreetX Summer 2015 – At the end of the day, streetwear is just graphic T-shirts, and StreetX gives us a gritty interpretation of Perth. The graphics are simple, and it’s really just some logos, but that’s streetwear. This small collection is a nice reminder that it’s not all about collaborations and guest artists, but about getting to the root.

There isn’t much streetwear from Australia that makes its way stateside, especially if it is all the way on the eastern side of the continent. But, StreetX isn’t just any brand, and they bring their flavor of Perth onto the international streetwear scene. For their spring and summer 2015 collection the brand draws inspiration from vintage English sportswear and offers an array of printed long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts. In addition to the graphic-laden staples, the brand also offers an array of socks and headwear.

Source: StreetX

Thing Explainer – Learning interesting stuff is rad. Learning interesting stuff without consulting a dictionary makes life perfect. Randall Monroe manages to explain complicated stuff with a series of pictures, diagrams, and commonly used English words. For a couple of bucks you got a nice bathroom reader, and can come out of the toilet a few pounds lighter and a bit smarter.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn, and thankfully there is Randall Monroe. The creator of the popular xckd webcomic recently wrote a book that explains complicated things in very simple words. Topics range from how planes are steered to how the Mars Curiosity Rover works. Using a colorful pictures and detailed diagrams Monroe makes sure to cover the topics with only the most common words in the English language.

Source: Amazon

Concepts x Mitchell & Ness – At first look, this project between Concepts and Mitchell & Ness looks like a bit of a mess. Hockey logos across basketball jerseys? Sacrilege. But, this is Concepts of Boston and they got a good handle on collaborations. They’ve taken a number of teams that made the cut after World War II and strung them across well-constructed mesh basketball jerseys. Using original team colors and classic logos, the jerseys puts a new spin on some summer essentials.

With the Stanley Cup finals in full steam, it’s hard to justify thick hockey tops as summer descends. Concepts is looking to mix things up with their “Original 6″ collection. Using the original NHL teams that made the cut after World War II, the collection takes vintage mesh basketball jerseys and throws on the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, and Chicago Blackhawks logos and colors. It’s strange to see sleeves removed from a hockey piece, but even without a Kings jersey in there, the collection goes pretty hard.

Source: Concepts

Vans Vault Moroccan Blue – Vans are some of the chillest shoes you can grab for the summer, and the latest Moroccan Blue from the Vault is a knockout. Summer is a time to break out the bold colors, and the unique hue used for the uppers are fantastic with the streak of yellow. The white laces and the clean white midsole brings everything together. Look for the Style 36 in Moroccan Blue to be available now at Vans stores with exclusive Vault accounts.

The premium Vault line from Vans is known for creating some interesting pieces. For summer 2015, it’s a new fresh color that breaths life into the Old Skool silhouette. The leather uppers of the classic skate shoe has been updated with performance stitching and dubbed the Style 36, and with these changes is a fresh new Moroccan Blue colorway. The bright, supple leather is contrasted by an eye-catching Vans logo, along with matching white laces and outsoles. The bold colors make it ideal for summer weather and is available now at select Vans retailers.

Source: Wish

ONLY NY Summer 2015 – ONLY NY has it locked when it comes to their headwear game. While the graphic T-shirts and mesh basketball jerseys are nice, it’s the sports cap that ONLY NY excels at. From nostalgic graphics to simple logos ONLY NY’s hats are always on point.

In a blink of an eye, summer is here and ONLY NY gears up with a new collection. The New York-based streetwear brand turns out a collection filled with graphic T-shirts, athletic fleece, sweat shorts, and an assortment of headwear. Besides the streetwear essentials, ONLY NY tries their hand on weathered pocket tees, mesh basketball jerseys, and casual button-downs. The collection drops this Wednesday, June 3, at the ONLY NY flagship store, as well as their online shop.

Source: ONLY NY

SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD – As a proper computer geek, I am always looking for ways to speed up the rig. SanDisk is the current champ with their new Extreme 900 Portable SSD. Debuting at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan the hard drive is capable of super fast transfer rates. At 850 MBps the SanDisk Extreme 900 is about 30% faster than current SSDs, and can get your computer to boot-up in less than 10 seconds. Besides using it as an internal hard drive the Extreme 900 can also be used as storage, and can rip a DVD quality movie in a matter of seconds.

A huge hard drive is worthless when the reading and writing speed is crap. No one knows this better than SanDisk, and they’re proving their prowess at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. The all new Extreme 900 Portable SSD is a 2TB hard drive that performs at 850 MBps, that’s the transfer of nearly 1GB per second. Ripping a Blu-Ray? The Extreme 900 can do it in under a minute. These blazing fast speeds are paired with an industry-leading three-year warranty. Look for these super fast hard drives to arrive later this year.

Source: SanDisk

{illustrated example x Miir – I don’t know what it is, but having your beer nice and chilled is one of those quiet pleasures in life. Glass does a fine job, aluminum is nice and light, but nothing beats a stainless steel rig that comes with a double vacuum insulation. What is also really interesting about this exclusive between {illustrated example and Miir is that it’s a threadless enclosure system. Instead of screwing a top on, there is a clamp and bearing system.

Vancouver-based {illustrated example is best known for their quality apparel, but in their downtime, they’re fans of crisp, cold beer. For spring 2015, the hit up Miir to make a growler and howler set. Using high-quality Korean stainless steel, the set offers double wall vacuum insulation and an innovative threadless clamp system. All of this attention to detail ensures your cold beverages stay that way for at least 24+ hours, and the hot stuff for 12+.

Source: Livestock

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