Behind the Shirt :: Kinsey on The Hundreds Summer 2016

Behind the Shirt :: Kinsey on The Hundreds Summer 2016 "Warhol" Graphic

By Kazie Holiday

March 01, 2016

Artist/designer David Kinsey is careful when it comes to design. Known for his fine art pieces and iconic logo work from clients like N.E.R.D. to DC Shoes, as current Senior Art Director at The Hundreds, he gives the utmost attention to detail, especially when his creation is an homage to an early influence: Andy Warhol. On designing Summer 2016’s “Warhol” graphic, Kinsey says: “Warhol’s work, to me, is really inspiring. But also his rebellious nature as an artist sort of breaking the rules—that kind of ties in with what [The Hundreds] does a lot when we do our designs. We kind of think that way; we’re always trying to sort of ruffle the feathers of the market.” In our below video, we go behind the scenes to see how the pop art legend inspired Kinsey to create a poignant flip on the infamous Cow Series.

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Kazie Holiday