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Been Frank

Been Frank

Whenever I am out in N.Y.C., I try to catch up with as many people as I can. I figured it would be fun to stop by the office space of Frank 151 to say hi to Uncle Paulie. Paulie has been doing some great work with an already great magazine, so I was curious to see what their work space looked like. It seemed to be a great atmosphere to work out of, with smiling people and some cool art posted up around the area. And in an era when a lot of people would probably write a print magazine off as being irrelevant, they are proving them wrong. So after catching up, Paulie let me snap some flicks around the office to show you guys a bit of the behind the scenes of Frank 151. So if you aren’t aware of them already, do yourself a favor and pick up any of their books here.

Lobby life.

Moroccan pig exposes himself.

Dope wall art going on.

Dem’ books doe….

Photo of Paulie taking a photo of me before I left.


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