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Back to The Hundreds Lookbook :: Behind the Scenes

Back to The Hundreds Lookbook :: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of the Back to The Hundreds lookbook, shot by Bobby Hundreds. We traveled to the Back to the Future trilogy’s most iconic spots—the Universal courthouse backlot, Twin Pines mall, and Marty McFly’s Hill Valley home—to recapture movie magic and revisit the nostalgia Bobby has for his favorite franchise.

In the late ’80s, a young Bobby Hundreds found himself aboard the Universal Studios tram ride, where he witnessed something that would set a spark in him big enough to shape the path of The Hundreds—Back to the Future II being filmed. Now, Bobby finds himself at the end of a full circle, in Hill Valley shooting his take on the trilogy with a time-traveling DeLorean replica, hoverboard, and even Doc Brown’s legendary truck. Below, you can get a look into a project 30 years in the making on the eve of its arrival. “We worked hard, we worked long, and brought you guys the most epic collaboration in The Hundreds’ history. That’s according to me.” This is Back to The Hundreds.

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