Available Now :: The

Available Now :: The "Adam" Car Shade

By Kazie Holiday

April 12, 2016

The Hundreds is proud to present a first look at our brand new “Adam” car shade–available now at flagships and in the Online Shop. Our custom black car shade sunshade features an Adam Bomb eyes imprint.

Feel free to subtly creep out anyone annoying enough to walk in front of your car with our new “Adam” car shade. Need your getaway car to have a mask too? We, at The Hundreds, have got you. Have you always wanted to own one of those borderline sociopathic-looking Chevron cartoon cars? Well, now you can be one step closer. Are you bad at starting conversations and need a catalyst? Look no further—you guessed it, we can help with that. These are only a few of the endless ways in which the “Adam” car shade will improve your life.

Note: No, they do not blink.



Kazie Holiday