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Apple Watch is Headed to Stores in June

Apple Watch is Headed to Stores in June

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced while visiting Apple headquarters in China that he aims to have the Apple Watch available in retail stores across the globe by this June. The Apple Watch’s launch into the world has been unique with the company, eschewing the traditional long lines that come with any announcement of any new product, and instead only accepting orders placed online. While it has been suggested that this was to avoid the annual complaints they receive due to outrageous wait times and long lines, insiders in the tech industry believe this has to do with production mishaps Apple has gone through dealing with one of their Chinese suppliers. Some high end boutique stores, such as Maxfield in LA and collette in Paris, have been able to get the jump on competitors and been allowed to sell stock in their retail locations to fans who want to acquire the costly wristwatches before they are available to the public next month.


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