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Always on the Grind

Always on the Grind

This week I was pretty happy to see the release of my most recent collaborative project with legendary skate brand Venture Trucks. I was approached to do this a few months ago, and at the time I was shooting with Chelsie Farah which you might remember from my test shot segment we had done. Well during that day I figured since I had a good model with me might as well see what I can get, and we got some awesome shots. I sent them over to Bram who is the brand manager for Venture that night and he liked what we came up with. A couple weeks later some mock up’s of the t’s were made and I was stoked, for me I still to this day trip out on being able to work with such amazing and cool brands. But to do something with such a iconic brand was just so nostalgic being that the very first complete I had bought when I decided I wanted to start skating at 12 years old (back in ’92) had…. you guessed it Venture Trucks. I have always respected the brand not only for their design but for the quality of products they put out. Backing what a company stands for and their product I think is a very important factor wether you are supporting it or working with them, and I am proud to say that I got to work with them as well as all of the brands I have done something with. This t-shirt is only available at your local skate shops that carry Venture so go get one while you can!

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