By Alexander Spit

November 20, 2013

I’m not sure if it was seeing strangers scream every word of songs I’ve never performed before at me, the indigo stage lights piercing through the billowing fog, the first green room I’ve ever had with less than 20 people in it or the drunken cypher session to close out the set; but my album release party last Saturday made its way to being one of the BEST nights in my life.

After the show I went outside to have a cigarette I probably didn’t need. With exception to a couple drunk strangers spewing networking tactics that will eventually fade to nothing into my face; as well as drunk homegirls and brethren eager to find drugs and an after party with me; I was barely bombarded with any paradigm of post performance stardom. My charismatic relationship with the world existed solely during the hour and a half duration of my time on stage.

There’s something about that lackluster irony that I’m proud of. (email your hateful responses to my pride to

My music connects with certain people and their lives when they hear it. Who I am connects solely with those who do what I do.

At the end of the night I stood on La Brea on my solo; with the same unfuckwitable glory you’re gonna feel tonight if you complete everything you NEED to get completed today.

“Dillinger” available now via Digital Download / Piracy/ Theft at 

Alexander Spit