AKAM1K3'S 2014:

AKAM1K3'S 2014: "UKE TO"

By akam1k3

January 13, 2014

Two weeks down, fifty to go. 2014 is off to a great start. Good times always! January 6-12,  “UKE 2” here we go:


January 6th: First real snowfall in 2014.

January 7th: All work, no play.

 January 8th: Still all work, but did get my #selfie in.

January 9th: Shooting with ARIF aka RIFLABÆNGBÆNG.

 January 10th: Happy peoples.

January 11th: Moving day. End of an era. Thanks for everything Torshov Headquarters.

January 12th: A break from Oslo. Stockholm, Sweden here we go.

– akam1k3