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Ahem…. umm..hello? Is this thing on??

After a brief hiatus, The Hundreds is back online with version 780.0. Being a complete ritalin-head, I’ve switched the site up about 42 times in the past 2 years, but this time I actually had to bring in the big guns to set it off. Much thanks to Bart and Erik at 530 for working with us on the re-vamped website.

Pleasantries aside, you’ll see that everything’s changed, …while pretty much staying exactly the same. It’s like Dom Week here at The Hundreds, as we break off a long-overdue “Chronicle” in “The Zine” with Dominick Deluca (Brooklyn Projects) and a HOMEYS episode at Dom’s crib over on “Tube.” We’ve added some Myspace-isms on “Bombsquad” and some other little odds and ends, here and there, and everywhere.

Most importantly, our new Fall Collection has finally dropped in “The Shop.” Comprised of our newest graphic t-shirts, basic sweatshirts, and hats, as you can see, this season’s themes revolve around our backgrounds in the punk subculture, workwear, and the early 90s-era skate/street aesthetic. My personal favorites are the collaborative jump-offs with Avail and H20, but hey, that’s just me.

Expect the features to grow regularly, and don’t forget that the drops for our Public Label cut-n-sew program and our top-secret Tens project are just around the corner…

Thanks for sticking with us.

by bobbyhundreds

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