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So in case you haven’t figured it out, we’ve moved workspaces to downtown Los Angeles. That hasn’t stopped our visitors from traveling near and far to visit us. Carter caught on quick.

Liz (Rebel) hearts Adam.

If Penelope were a Care Bear, all kinds of crazy rainbows and stars would be shooting out of her stomach right about now.

And we thought the Rosewood alley was bad news. When not having crackheads throw themselves on our car windshields, we have to deal with random women pulling over in front of our building, squatting, and taking the gnarliest pisses on our street. That’s a gigantic puddle, lady, lay off the Big Gulps. 30 seconds later, the guy across the street walked right through it. Then a truck splashed through it. Then a zebra drank out of it. And then a lion ate the zebra. And then the lion pissed out all the woman’s urine. Thus, the Circle of Life.

Bart and Erik (530 Media Lab) are tired of other design companies knocking their name off. But they’ll never be tired of La Taquiza. Although Erik looks awfully tired in this photo. Must be all those 3am updates he’s cranking out for our website.

Apparently, there’s a big sale at Target.

Speaking of visitors from outer spaces, I was attacked by this enormous horsefly in my office. I karate-chopped it with the fury, but as it lay lifeless, the body started twitching. After we finished screaming like a pack of girl scouts, we noticed something wiggling out of it’s body. And then MORE. Click the photo if you wanna see the mass chaos that ensued. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

TGIF. Visit the 5TH. Stop by THE PAYOFF. Don’t drink so much Iced Tea before you get in the car.

by bobbyhundreds

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