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Back in May, I photographed and interviewed longtime actor Mike Rapaport at his home in Hollywood. By the end of the afternoon, we sat around and talked about his upcoming project – a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest called Beats, Rhymes, and Life. Little did he, or the world, know that by the end of 2010, that very film would be embroiled in controversy, after being held in question by Q-Tip himself, who denounced the film on his Twitter.

There’s nothing like the bond between father and son, and it doesn’t get more apparent than the relationship between Toby Morse of the band H2O and his son Max. This family really needs its own TV show.

On a late March trip to San Francisco, we were walking in front of these girls on a hilly sidewalk and couldn’t help but be absorbed by their infectious enthusiasm. Turns out they just scored a business deal of some sorts for their fledgling independent candy company called Wishpop, after quitting their jobs and taking some huge risks. There’s really nothing like pursuing a dream and watching it unfold into reality, Ben and I can certainly attest to that. Not sure whatever happened to these girls and their business, but I hope they’re sailing on a yacht of lollipops now.

One of our proudest collaboration projects of 2010 was also one of the most substantive: The Hundreds x Supermax, an iconic Los Angeles streetwear brand that paved the way for many of the familiar names you see in the marketplace today. To paint a portrait of Supermax’s fingerprint on streetwear and youth culture, we caught up with some of the pioneering supporters, who all went on over the past couple decades to do big things in their respective worlds. What a history lesson.

Bill is a local 64-year-old skateboarder who I chased down on a cool Summer morning. I just had to get the story and tell it to you guys… this guy was a real inspiration and living proof that as long as you keep skateboarding, you’ll never grow old.

by bobbyhundreds

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