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Ben, Ashley, and I had a meeting at Paramount Pictures. Contrary to popular belief, the studios weren’t located on the pinnacle of a snow-capped mountain. In fact, Paramount is one of the last movie giants still standing in the heart of Hollywood.

The backlot is rich with cinematic history. Soundstage after soundstage of movie and television magic-making.

This is New York Street, built out to have the appearance of a New York street. In case you didn’t get the name.

Each soundstage lists some of the major productions that have been shot inside.

I wanna do a Family Ties collaboration so bad.

Little-known fact: Jon Hundreds was a recurring extra on Sister, Sister. #truestory

This is where they film Dr. Phil, but more importantly, it’s where they used to shoot Arsenio Hall. All our readers are like, “Arsenio what?”

Speaking of clueless, Ashley said something about a scene from Clueless shot here.

Prop from Up in the Air. Want.

It’s our friend Tamar’s birthday.

Can you tell?

This is the original movie poster for Benjamin Button that got canned.

Right outside is the actual Forrest Gump bench. Ben Hundreds is as Ben Hundreds does.

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