By Bobby Hundreds

December 16, 2012

Brazil is the future of the world. Not only due to their booming economy, but because of their relatively young population, as well as the high diversity amongst its inhabitants. Dude, when you mix Latins with Germans and Africans, stir ’em in a pot, it’s a supermodel buffet down here.

According to the World Population Review, 62% of Brazil is under the age of 30, and with that, there’s a ginormous youth culture play in this country. Although billboards and corporate advertising were banned from the city recently, street and graffiti art are as ubiquitous as ever – largely indicative of how prominently subculture runs amuck in Brazil, and how artistic and creative the people are.

Back in the day, the Galeria do Rockwas a coliseum of music vendors, but as that industry has broken down, it’s been overrun with street and skate clothiers, as well as footwear boutiques, rock retailers and tattoo studios.

The Hundreds is stocked throughout a number of storefronts in the Galeria do Rock. Our marketing rep Deng Hundreds stands tall with Tersio from Ichiban.

Morela from one of the Your ID shops:

Not too far from the Galeria is the office/warehouse space for Your ID, which is our prime stockist here in Sao Paulo. Adilson, on the left, is the owner of the streetwear stores and online shop. The rest of the crew is out to lunch, but Thiago’s holding the fort down!

On the other side of the town is Your ID’s newest location.

Along with The Hundreds, here are the other brands you’ll find lining the shelves:

I really like this special Lacoste collection, with the primary color dip-dyes and reverse.

Plus, how often do you get the albino gator?

Say whatup to the shop staff at Your ID:

Brazil is the future of the world. And The Hundreds is the future for Brazil.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds