By Bobby Hundreds

December 15, 2011

Oh yeah, there’s something else we should probably tell you about the The Hundreds + Garbage Pail Kids collaboration.

There were plenty of reasons why Garbage Pail Kids became such an iconic collectible of the ’80s: the Cabbage Patch Kids rip-off and subsequent lawsuits, the distorted caricatures which bothered parents, the cult-like pandemonium leading to GPK being banned from many schools…

A big part of the trade-ability of it all were the Doubles (and in some cases, even Triples). It wasn’t alone just to collect an entire set of a particular series, you had to own the DOUBLES as well. Doubles were the twin to the Garbage Pail Kid with an alternate identity, and were either rare to find, or more accessible than the primary card.

The Hundreds’ Garbage Pail Kids have Doubles as well. They are being printed in extremely low numbers (less than 20 of each Double), and will be randomly assorted throughout all distribution. Consider yourself VERY lucky if you open up your packaged t-shirt to find a The Hundreds’ Garbage Pail Kids Double…


And there’s no Double for this guy, because there’s only one ADAM BOMB!

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds