By Bobby Hundreds

January 11, 2014

There’s not the most to do in Santa Fe, which is why we chose to spend the week here to work on our Spring 2015 collection.  But on the occasions we have gotten to leave the Design House, we’ve experienced Santa Fe’s famed green chile and sopaipillas (Tomasita’s) and exotic Chinese gourmet (Panda Express).

Today, we did the 2 touristy Santa Fe things (aside from climbing a local mountain to get really drunk really fast off beer, as recommended to us by a grocery bagger) : visit the Cathedral Basilica and San Miguel Mission.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is this incredibly beautiful cathedral in the heart of Santa Fe.  Constructed between 1869 and 1886, the Roman Catholic cathedral was established on the site of a prior church built in 1626.  That’s about all that I know of the Cathedral Basilica. Sorry!

We stand out.

The San Miguel Church is the “Oldest Church structure in the U.S.A.  The original adobe walls and altar were built by….” oh wait, it’s all right there on the sign.

So yeah, this is it.  The oldest church in America:

This is the “Before” shot:

Original wall plastering.

At the foot of the altar are windows that showcase the Indian floor dwelling from 1300 as well as the original steps from 1610:

Ancient action figures:

Right down the alley from the oldest church in America – and with less fanfare, for some reason – is the oldest house in America.  Which, conveniently, is now the site for a Real Estate company:

To the side of their offices, you can enter a hallway to visit the first house in America ever, of all time, in history:

I felt like a giant in this house. Apparently, the first Americans were the size of 4th graders?

Pre-home-makeover edition:

The Hundreds Design: Zachy “Horndawg” Marshall, Heavy D, Patick, Alfred, Marco Hollywood, and Jayne with a Y.


Bobby Hundreds