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I know it’s hard to remember a time before 2010, but back in the day, before it was a substitute for “COOL” and before Jay-Z allegedly invented it, the word “SWAG” really meant one thing only: FREE STUFF.

S.W.A.G. = Stuff We All Get.

Being a part of The Hundreds has plenty of perks – umm, I can’t really think of them right now, but there are plenty.

Okay, one of them is all the SWAG we get, especially sent in from some of our loyal supporters. You see, our most discerning and astute fans have picked through every page of our website – and even though it clearly states on our FAQ page that we do NOT accept product submissions to be featured on the blog, we may be swayed by sour gummy straws and boxes padded with hundred-dollar bills.

And so, some of them do just that.

Like the guys at Pancakes and Skateboards, which I wholly endorse because of their incorporation of fine photography. Look at these photo tees – their package also came with a photo ‘zine and a few print portraits as well. P&S is one of the better new t-shirt lines out there.. A very unique dive into a sea of sameness.

Here’s another box padded with Benjamins and Sour Punch straws. This one comes fromFur Face Boy:

I saved the best for last. These guys at Breezy Excursion took my words to heart and delivered a package padded with actual shredded U.S. currency:

And they didn’t forget the sour punch straws.

Alright you smart-asses. If you’re gonna take me so literally, then why don’t you adhere to the last line of the FAQ

by bobbyhundreds

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