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I have this thing that I don’t really remember anything that happened between 2006 and 2008. I mean, 2007, what were those 12 months really good for? Through those lackluster years, it was all kinda blurry, wasn’t it?

But 2009 was different, by far the biggest milestone year of my personal life, shrouded by both tragedy and joy. So much Death, and just as much Life, I attended too many funerals last year, lost close friends and family members, but also made some new ones along the way. The Economy was a constant black cloud, Streetwear shifted, and our business and brand underwent an onslaught of growing pains. But The Hundreds also celebrated 6 years of continued worldwide success, we introduced a print magazine, The Hundreds Footware crystallized, we worked on collaboration projects with partners we never thought our names would be alongside (i.e. Michael Lau, Stan Sakai, DeLorean) and I’m proud to say we still have the most dedicated, diehard supporters of any brand out there. And yes, I’m biased.

So stick with us through the new year as we take The Hundreds further, bring you even better product and a more engaged lifestyle. And if you thought ’09 was big, …I wish I could spill the beans… but we have some things lined up for 2010 that will make it a truly unforgettable year.

Happy New Year’s everybody.


(p.s. One of those things is NOT baby clothes, so please don’t ask.)

by bobbyhundreds

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