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This is the “Hyenas” crewneck sweatshirt from our Winter 2012 line. Briana’s modeling it for us, although I should probably denote that it (like all of our product) only comes in Men’s. And I’m photographing her in my new office today.

The “Hyenas” were a response to the aggressive ‘animal’ illustration shirts popularized by high-end fashion houses like Givenchy. Perhaps you’ve seen them, the barking Rottweiler or the more recent oversized shark print. Fashion can be kinda silly sometimes, with all the pretense and posturing. And so for us, a Streetwear brand, to riff off of one of the upper-echelon’s most familiar hits (artwork by the esteemed Joe King), the idea was to poke a little fun at the whole situation in the context of a similar style. But this time, instead of a toughguy creature who takes itself too seriously, how about a trio of laughing hyenas?

The world perceives them as lowly scavengers (and maybe the fashion world sees us as the same, lifting off their existing creation), but hyenas rise above, strength in numbers, with a smirk, finding humor and levity in their situation. And that’s what The Hundreds is all about.

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