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I swear, this has to be the 16th time we’ve re-done the website, this time once again thanks to the workaholics over at 530 Media Lab. And I guess it makes sense, considering how integral our site is to the brand. To this day, interviewers still ask me which came first, our apparel or the website, and for the unknowing, we did launch both on the same day. Our intentions for the website were to build a lifestyle and community around the brand, instead of just offering baseless t-shirts. More importantly, we were interested in building the culture, and educating the consumer on the history and personalities behind the brands in the marketplace, while we were informing ourselves in turn.

The majority of you are probably most familiar with my blog, but our CHRONICLES have always been my pride and joy. It’s my chance to sit down with the designers and persona who are doing something which truly captures my interest, and inspires me in my own process. To re-launch the site, I had a chance to interview Lanie from Hellz Bellz, one of my favorite brands out right now. Click on ZINE above to find out why.

A selection of some pieces from our Holiday offerings from The Hundreds and Tens can now rotating on the splash page. Speaking of which, our Holiday Collection of tees, hoodies, hats, and beanies are now up in THE SHOP. Cut-n-sew product should be hitting online in the next couple weeks.

We’ve added a few more blogs for your pleasure:

– The Store has taken on a life of its own, so we thought it only deserving that the guys (and gal) stuck in Rosewood’s black wooden box document the everyday goings-on, cameos, release dates, and other product information in their own web log.

– Neek’s putting in some time on The Hundreds side, by giving you a glimpse of the Vegas life from behind his thick-frame glasses and sloppy mop. There’s Neek!

– We pulled the ol’ flipperoo on the cult-status “Yasi Asks” column and gave our own advice columnist an “Ask Yasi” blog by which she answers your life questions. All opinions represented are not necessarily those shared by The Hundreds. In fact, I can say there’s a good chance they’re not.

– I’ll write a proper introduction for our “Give” link in the near future but basically, some things are more important in life than how well your sneakers match your t-shirt.

There are a few more bells and whistles if you take a look around. We’re still in the process of tweaking things here and there, so thank you for being patient with us during construction.

Now onto the next.

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