By Bobby Hundreds

March 03, 2009

When we first moved onto Fairfax and Rosewood Ave. years ago to set up office, we’d eat at Eat-A-Pita 3-4 times a week. There was nowhere else to eat on the block at the time, so we’d suffer through the half-cooked chicken kabobs to make it work. It was a L.A. landmark eatery, people used to travel from far and away to eat.. a .. pita. and my favorite thing to get there was a Soy Milk, which was more like a peanut butter smoothie with dates and bananas mashed up inside. Last summer, I even conceptualized a t-shirt based off of the salmonella shack. Anyways, the Christmas before our Store opened, they locked up the gates and have since been collecting dust and graffiti. Until last week.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds