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This Thursday, debuting exclusively at The Hundreds Los Angeles, The Hundreds New York, The Hundreds Santa Monica, and The Hundreds San Francisco (with online to follow later), introducing our new season of…

The Hundreds PUBLIC LABEL:

The biggest news may not lie in the garments or design, but the new, reworked pricing structure ofThe Hundreds Public Label. This season, The Hundreds Public Label’s prices are significantly lowered. This is our most advanced tier of The Hundreds apparel, as far as design and materials go, not to mention the most limited… Traditionally, The Hundreds Public Label has been accordingly fitted along a more expensive price tag.

But starting this season, The Hundreds Public Label’s prices are slashed. In some cases, a Public Label garment may be substantially cheaper than regular in-line pieces under The Hundreds. How can this be?

I talked about it in a recent interview with High Snobiety, but here’s a little excerpt of the changes we’ve implemented with THPL:


What can you tell us about the re-worked pricing structure of the line?

Because of the extremely limited numbers (at times, 100 pieces or less), we have hefty costs in making this stuff. In the past, we wholesaled Public Label to top-tier accounts so we had to work in the keystoned prices. As many of Public Label’s buyers may remember, the retail prices ended up being exorbitant œ unfortunately a lot of people who appreciated the design and low quantities of the product simply couldn’t afford to buy it. We weren’t boosting the prices for no reason, we were just taxed that much making Public Label.

The name and concept of the line is “Public Label.” It’s a response to private-label goods, but also meant to be for everyone. All of our supporters should have a shot at Public Label, not just the rich ones. So how could we sensibly price this line without being forced to make huge quantities of it, and still keep it limited, special, and exclusive?

The answer is in our own retail front. The Hundreds has an advantage over many other brands who might attempt a similar thing because of our 4 physical flagship stores. In a way, we have our own distribution chain œ our own accounts to sell to directly. We cut out the middleman, we can keep the prices and numbers low. Mission accomplished. From this point forward, Public Label is exclusively distributed through The Hundreds LA, SF, NY, and Santa Monica. We’re selling Public Label at ridiculously affordable prices A Letterman’s jacket that would have hit the customer for more than $400 USD in the past is now under $200. Denim was $200 before and now we’re able to put it on the rack for $84. The new Public Label fleece and Henleys are in the $60-$70 range. The crazy part is that now, most of Public Label is far cheaper than what’s in the regular The Hundreds line. AND it’s much more limited.


To read the rest of the interview, visit High Snobiety.

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